august 30th
1 Should I have a cage for my pup?  yes...

2 How do I pay for the balance of the pup.. cash in new notes only or bank transfer please.. I do not accept cheques for the balance due to a few bad experiences with cheques...

3 When do I get to pick my pup..  I will email you with pictures and video  after i get to know  the pups and their personalities .I want to match up the right pup with the right family.
I feel that is my responsiblity as a breeder. :)this has always worked out perfectly.

4 what kind of food do I need..? my babies will be weaned onto cooked chicken rice and vegetables as i am not happy with the ingredients in commercial puppy food

5.. what should I bring when I collect my puppy?
I advise bringing a dish for water..a bottle of water.. a stuffed toy the size of the puppy, some paper towels, and a regular towel..a plastic bag too.

Small crate for the back seat or its new cage for the back of the car will be a great idea also. 
Your  pup will probably sleep most of the way home. 

Born on july 17th
Our mom is alice our dad is tweed jr
we are 8 gorgeous puppies.
Our coats will all get fluffier as we grow and our noses will go black.
we will be ready to go to our new homes at 8 weeks old all going well

All babies and mom are doing super!

  i will take more when they grow a little bit in a few days.. so far all is well.  pups are very delicate and fragile at this age.... ;) 
we are all very chubby and healthy... mom has lots of milk for all of us.
they are little chubby happy babies. mom has loads of milk and is making a great job of them. soon their eyes will be open... thats when the fun starts :) 
we are crawling now and are finding our voices.we weigh an average of 800 grams! which is super for 7 days old. mom is always hungry and has a fan on her.. i hope the weather cools down soon.
we are all doing great.. mom loves us very much and we are still getting a lot of milk from her. once our eyes are open we will get to sample some solid food.. we sleep most of the time... if not drinking milk. the underfloor heating keeps us nice and comfy..our eyes will be open any day now.. then the fun really starts.. :) we have been wormed with some weird pink drontal stuff that we didnt really like but i think it was good for us...mom also got some wormer too... we think this is good for all us....
we are walking now and our eyes are open. we have sampled some nice chicken but still prefer moms milk. i think we will want more chicken as it did taste very nice... and makes us feel all grown up . our human mom likes to touch us and stroke our soft coats...it feels nice...we still sleep most of the time.... more soon... :) 
we are clever eating our mush but still prefer moms milk. we still sleep most of the time and are content and happy little pups.
we are getting big! we weigh over a kilo and a half.. which is a great weight for our age. we are eating more solids now but mom still feeds us lots of tasty milk. we like to play with each other now...and we are getting fluffy .:) 
WE are clever pups and come to "pup pup"... and do our toilets on paper now... we are very smart and eat lots of solids now... but we still drink lots of moms milk..  
we are all healthy active pups.. we love our human mom as she feeds us three times a day.. but we still love our furry mom .. she still feeds us lots of tasty milk... we are getting fluffy now so are starting to look all grown up :)
we are growing and eating a lot of food but mom still wants to feed us.. poor mom i think she is getting a bit fed up with us...... 
we are a handful now.. our human mom is running around after us non stop. we might be going outside soon to get some fresh are and more space.. we now eat as much as a grown up dog... and we love love our food:.) our furry mom is getting tired of us but we dont take as much milk from her as before. our sharp teeth and claws make her not want to give us too much milk.. nature has its way of making us want to eat real food.
then i fell in the pen and they ate me alive  ha ha just kidding :)
we have been getting a little beta puppy mixed in with our chicken and we are enjoying it ..