1 Should I have a cage for my pup?  yes... 

2 How do I pay for the balance of the pup.. cash in new notes or bank transfer please. I do not accept cheques for the balance due to a few bad experiences with cheques...

3 When do I get to pick my pup.. I will email with pictures and video .  after i get to know  the pups and their personalities .I want to match up the right pup with the right family.
i feel that is my responsibility as a breeder. 

4 what kind of food do I need..? The pups will be eating cooked chicken 
with step up puppy (pets at home)
5.. what should I bring when I collect my puppy?
I advise brining a dish for water.. a stuffed toy the size of the puppy, some paper towels, and a regular towel..a plastic bag too.
  If your journey is long you give a snack to the pup if it will take one, but only a few hours into the journey.  
Small crate for the back seat or its new cage for the back of the car will be a great idea also. 
Your  pup will probably sleep most of the way home. 
New pupdates oct 16th
Dottie has  had her pups !
 born on sept 01 All are doing really well.. drinking loads of milk while mom eats like a horse...! Tweed jr is a very proud father. 

Dottie  is and excellent mom... feeding  babies and cleaning them is hard work! 
The babies are enjoying the underfloor heating but mom finds it a bit warm.. especially since she has a fur coat on! But the babies need the heat... especially in their early days so they dont get a chill...
i was up all night helping her  whelp..and pulled the sack off of each pup... 
. .so far they are all thriving..  she loves them... 

Dottie is  happy and content.. while the babies have a huge appetite! 
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more pics  soon .. best to not disturb her too much   when the the babies are so tiny 
 less chance of  her standing on them...  and she needs to bond with them..
WE  SLEEP WHEN WE ARE NOT EATING AND OUR EYES and ears ARE  CLOSED. mom is so loving and gentle... and is eating a ton of chicken and lambs milk with her kibble... so she has lots of calcium and milk for us. we are all growing well... we just eat and sleep eat and sleep.. our human mom has been very busy.. and when we can see and run around just watch her then...  :) ha ha....
its very warm in the house, with unexpected sunshine shining.. so i have given dot and her family a fan..which she is enjoying it very much ,, babies are getting noisier when they cant get their favorite teat. so comical...
the puppies are growing well,, dot is the most amazing mom.... im so pleased with the puppies progress.. and my little dottie dog... the sweetest most gentle little girl.. 
mom is out for the toilet so thought i would sneek in a little  clip of the babies ,,they are starting to crawl /walk.. they are enjoying all of moms great milk bar...   and growing well.
out for some air and a p
she missed her babies...:)
puppy fact
puppies cannot maintain their own body temperature until they are about 10 days old. hence the reason the nest has to be around 80 degrees. 
and mom needs to spend most of her time lying with them.  :) 
our little noses are black now... and we are really growing well. mom is doing such a great job.. we love her very much and rely on her to snuggle us and lick us clean... out human mom looks tired.. oh well... its all about us...:) eating and sleeping most of the time... the corners of our eyes are open so we dont like direct light in our eyes... in the next day or so our eyes should be open... then the fun really starts.. yippee. mom is an eating machine who goes outside every couple of hours for her break... we also have little barks now.... stay tuned...
WE HAVE CHANGED alot in the last few days... we are more active and our human mom is teaching us how to eat from a dish. we have been dewormed and are growing well.. our furry mom still loves us very much.. and has not grown tired of us... we like being stroked by our human mom.. it feels nice,,,..
well our human mom has been very busy... she .looks tired mostly around 2 in the afternoon.. she has a lot to do but we always come first and we are very demanding.. we love our puppy mush and like to snorkel in it.... but our real mom licks us clean while our human mom seems to be covered in  it. i dont know why she wears black.. silly her...:)
we are growing well as our mom weighs us every day.. soon we wont fit on the scale.... we still love the taste of mom s milk. but we also feel like big dogs when we eat our solids.. as you can see we look like little barrels... as we are so healthy... more soon  .      
well we are learning to eat our food.. but we like to be inside our dishes... and falling asleep in the dish is a great place .. a perfect fit. ha ha..we have a nice  big safe area to explore.. and we love it.. mom can get away from us now..  she needs a break every once in a while as we are very demanding.. good thing we are nice and cozy in the house as it has been wet today and mom get toweled off when she comes in.. we love life.....:)
well we really want attention from our human mom now... and we are very smart and know her... she feeds us 4 times a day but we still love our milk from mom... we also get noisey before feeding time.. as you can see.... mom gets to have time out in her crate but we have access to her as you can see one sneaky little pup found her way in.. ha ha..  .
look how big we are now! not enough room for all of us.. and one little pup is watching me instead of trying to get a quick drink from mom... ha ha..they like it when i sing to them.. .. i know.. my singing  voice is awful....  they know my voice ... im the other food machine now....
well after what feels like a 3 day family wedding i thought i had better update! 
funny having to leave a wedding and explain you have to go home and feed pups and let out mom ....
they were all happy to see me (puppies )! and then back to the wedding dance..they are all very very smart coming to call and interested in a whistle... .
they are little eating machines... keeping me on the go all day... from 645.. to 11 pm... they are growing well... and still loving moms milk.. she is happy to be feeding them but soon i will have to get her into the idea she wont have pups to feed...  i think she will have mixed feelings... 
look how smart and fast we are ! we are really bonded with our human mom now... but our furry mom is still feeding and loving us.....all we do is eat play sleep and make so much noise in the evening playfighting that our human mom cant hear her tv shows.. ha ha....and we get her attention as much as we can just because we love being petted,, and she is only 2 feet from our pen,, we can smell her coffee and want part of her snack...we hear all kinds of things on the tv.. gunshots... car chases.. sirens.. good thing we dont live in mexico..:)